Create a World of Intrigue

Hope you don’t mind me reblogging this. I love this quote.,


“It is not easy

to find something

that will intrigue

and bind your interest

and enthusiasm. This you must

seek for yourself.”

~ Walter Annenberg

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My Day At Work

Hey everyone. I had an up and down week this week, but my day at work today was extra okay…. It’s Friday!!!!! Yayyyy!!! Everything ran exceptionally smooth today. My former volunteer visited me this morning and had my favorite for me, my McDonald’s Coffee. That stuff is so good. So anyway, I made my favorite consumers Baked Cod with a Breaded Topping, Pasta with Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, and Sauce and French Style Green Beans. It smelled pretty good in the kitchen at work. It was so peaceful, and we always get our laugh on. Volunteers and Drivers came in and did their part….everyone came on time which is a good thing. Everybody is so cool though and Meals On Wheels wouldn’t be anything without them. I appreciate each one of them too. Had to keep my post kind of simple, even though I feel like it is all over the place, but it makes sense to me. In closing, just know that I love and value my job and I definitely love the people I work with. See you guys on Sunday at the Meals on Wheels Spaghetti Dinner.

#goodfriends #mealsonwheels #lovemyjob


Another Day

Hello all….hope you’re having a great day. My day was so much better than yesterday I tell ya! I was more at ease and able to get my stuff done at work without too many distractions. I was so happy to see my former volunteer….he brings me coffee and some snacks because he knows that I don’t eat like I should. Anyhow, that gets my day started. Sooooo, what I made today for my elderly consumers was Sweet n Sour Meatballs, White Rice, and Carrots. It smelled so good. I truly hoped they enjoyed it. Now tomorrow is ”Fish Friday”. I try to serve them fish on Fridays because there’s quite a few of them who are Catholic, either way, I enjoy cooking for them. In closing, my day was better and I’m glad to be at home chilling with my 16 yr old daughter, watching the Young and the Restless. Not to get off subject, but still trying to learn this blogging process. All I can do is keep doing my research and gain valuable tips and info. Till next time friends.

#chillaxmode #betterdaysarecoming